Title of work: Visual Medicine

This work explores a landscape of textural forms complemented with a healing mood of color values, promoting positive change to tune our feelings and emotional connections with vivid interference colors. Through the exploration process, I have created an aesthetic experience that showcases distinctive memory qualities of scent – its evocativeness, variability, and directness by displaying our sense of smell’s inherent subjectivity personal reflections and intimacy, creating a series of olfactory artworks that generate thought-provoking insights of smells & taste, spirituality, and our philosophy of the senses. Being inspired by works with color & light in Chromotherapy such as Van Gogh’s use of toxic bright emerald green for his self-portrait, made from arsenic which is mixed with copper, producing a gorgeous minty color. I am mixing my own color pigments printed from natural fibers and actual scents of lemons, tea leaves, tree bark etc., in my work to create mindfulness experiences.


A Global Online Virtual Exhibition

Project was supported in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency, 

and the National Arts and Disability Center at UCLA the University of California Los Angeles. 

Created a new body of artwork into a new landscape 

  on Multi-Sensory works on paper that explore our senses.