My family immigrated to New York and worked as Longshoremen from Scotland, Italy, Norway and Ireland and settled in San Francisco, early 1900's. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. My inspiration came from my grandfather Patrick Raymond Fifield who worked as a Commercial Artist in Gold Leaf & Screen-printing signage painter & Scenic Painter for Lamp Lighters Theatre in San Francisco, California, and a Great Uncle Brother Alfred Brousseau who was a Monk at the Christian Brothers Winery in Napa California who taught Mathematics at Saint Mary's and has a permanent exhibition of Botanicals in B/W Photography at Stanford University. I achieved a Bachelor's of Fine Art from the California College of the Arts & Crafts in Oakland, CA., and a Masters in Education from the University of California Santa Cruz.


I have lived and worked as a teaching Artist for twenty-years throughout Asia collecting rubbish and other found materials, mostly indigenous materials from each culture I have visited; transforming relief printmaking works from disposable waste, creating modular sculptural forms that I continue to experiment with. My work is a personal documentation; with a minimalistic composition focusing on relationships of individual disconnection of disposable waste contrasted against bold bright bold colors. This methodology in creating a modular wall sculpture represent time as a temporary documentation of our existence in an ever-growing disposable society that is waiting for change. I have adopted a minimalist artistic practice in my work, being subtractive; abstracting the objects that I find into relief mono-prints adding textures, creating modular assemblage installations that I continue to explore into Olfactory Artwork.


I  create engaging art that evokes both the emotional and social from viewers. My new work cultivates a sense of interdependence, promoting social interaction among strangers by increasing viewers’ curiosity in innovative sculptural forms. My artworks have been on public view in Major Art Museums in Asia, International Children’s Museums, Art Galleries, Art Universities and Exposition Centers including the Children's Museum of Art (Japan), the Chosun-ilbo Art Museum (Korea), The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and most recently in Hong Kong/China, India and Thailand. My professional development experience as a designer in industrial design influenced my skills to advance in teaching fellowships and artist-in-residence programs in Korea, India, Japan, and Thailand.  Returned to the U.S. from Asia in 2019. Please direct all inquiries through the contact form page >here<.


Originally from San Francisco, California

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2004-2005  MA Postgraduate in Education, University of California Santa Cruz Ext. UCSC & GSNU National Univ of Art Education, Jinju, Korea

1990-1995  B.F.A. Bachelor of Fine Arts; Painting & Sculpture /Industrial Design, California College of the Arts, California, USA 


2022-2023  'Liberty Chair' Art in Embassies (AIE), US Department of State online program

2022 'Textures & Patterns' Aug 5-28 Online Group Exhibition as Laguna Gallery, Laguna Beach, California  

2021-2022  'Visual Medicine' Arts and Accessibility Project Grant. Supported by CAC California Arts Council, & NADC, UCLA

2020 'Creativity in Place' COVID-19 Artist Residency (Crisis Residency) founded by artist Kate Hooray Osmond

2020 Mono Relief Assemblages Megalo Print Studio International-Relief-Online-Exhibition, Australia

2016-2017 Gold and Silver sizing ‘Halo’ Series Bracelets, Chiang Mai Design Week 

2013-2014 ‘Tranquility’ Spaghetti Rattan Sculptural Forms, color dyed in pigment. NeNa Art Space, Chiang Mai, Thailand 

2011 Collage & Montage exhibit “Rubbish” Artist in Residence, Artmosophere, Bangaluru, India 

2009 Reflections; “Departures”. silkscreen on paper & wood. Myongji University, Seoul, Korea 

2006 Animal Silhouettes; Series. Ink on handmade paper. Traveling art exhibit. Children's Museum of Art, Japan 

2005 'Food for Thought” Art Collage on wood. Group Show at the Chosun-ilbo Art Museum, Seoul, Korea 

1994 “Absolut Dimension” Anaglyphic Painting: Acrylic on canvas Open Studios’ San Francisco, CA 

1993 Anaglyphic Paintings: Acrylic on canvas Gallery; ‘Whatever’ Hayes Valley, San Francisco, CA

1992 Anaglyphic Paintings: Acrylic on canvas ‘Open Studios’ San Francisco, CA 


2018-2019 Exhibition Titled:Proximity, New works from rubbish, Mono-print Sculptures, Paper Gallery, Xian, China 

2008 Public Art Exhibit, Human scale figures in Papier Mach'e. Seoul Metro Subway, Korea 

2006 Artist exhibitor, Tokyo Big Site exhibition center, Tokyo, Japan exhibited sculptural paper lighting fixtures 

1990-1994 Anaglyphic Paintings: Acrylic on canvas CCAC, Oakland Campus, California 


2013-2014 ‘Tranquility’ Spaghetti Rattan Sculptural Forms, color dyed in pigment. NeNa Art Space, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2011 Collage & Montage exhibit “Rubbish” Artist in Residence, Artmosophere, Bangaluru, India

2006 Animal Silhouettes; Series. Ink on handmade paper. On permanent exhibition. Children's Museum of Art, Japan 


2020  Artist in Residence  Sakura Arts Collective - Honolulu, Hawaii 2020

2020  COVID-19 ARTIST RESIDENCY PROJECT, Creativity In-Place. founded by artist Kate Hooray Osmond

2013-2014 MonFai Cultural Centre at NeNa Contemporary Art Space, MaeRim, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2010-2012 Artmosophere, Bangaluru, India 


2022 Adjunct Professor of Arts, Hawaii Pacific University

2014-2017 KX KMUTT / SoA+D School of Architecture & Design, Bangkok Thailand

2013-2014 DeTao Masters Academy, Studio Esslinger, Shanghai, China

2010-2012 Raffles Design Institute, Singapore, India, Hong Kong

2008-2009 Myongji University, Seoul, South Korea 

2005 UCSC & GSNU Gyeongsan National University of Art education, Jinju, South Korea


2018 Art Education, Dipont Education, Xian China

2016 'The Five Senses' A Branding Workshop, KX KMUTT / SoA+D School of Architecture & Design, Bangkok Thailand

2012 'Watch Design Workshop, Raffles Design Institute & Z Laboratories Ltd, / ZerOne Brand, Hong Kong, China 

2011 'Furniture Design Workshop, Raffles Design Institute & Hebron School, Ooty, India

2010 'Design Thinking Workshop'  Raffles Design Institute &Tata Elxsi World Industrial Design Day, Bangalore, India

2006 Animal Silhouette Series, Screen-printing Workshop. On permanent exhibition. Children's Museum of Art, Japan 


2022 Theatre Set Stage Props - Large Scale Book Binds, University of Hawaii, Kennedy Theatre, Manoa, Hawaii

2021 Interior Mural, Rodger Dunn Golf, Waikiki-Honolulu, Hawaii

2021 Lauhala Hawaiian Weave Mural - Waikiki, Hawaii

2022 Hand Painted Signage, Sakura Arts Collective, Honolulu, Hawaii

2017 Silver & Gold Leaf Sizing, 'Halo' Series, Jacob Jensen Design, Chiang Mai Design Week, Thailand

2008 Reflections; “Departures”. silkscreen on paper.  Seoul, Korea 

1998 “Digitoy” during ICONS of Meaning. (Museum Store) SFMoMA Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA 


2020 Paper Stencil, Montenegro Design Competition, Italy

2012 Timepiece design for Z Laboratories Ltd, / ZerOne Brand, Hong Kong, China 

2006 'Tobiko Lamp'; Bamboo and Washi Paper - MUJI, Tokyo, Japan 

1993-1994 “Absolut Dimension” Anaglyphic Painting: Acrylic on canvas, Absolute Vodka, N.Y. 


2023 & 2024 Grant Recipient NYFA Rauschenberg Medical Emergency Grant, administered by The New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA)

2022  Grant Recipient California Relief Fund for Artists and Cultural Practitioners YBCA Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and the California Arts Council

2021  Artists’ Fellowship Emergency Grant 

2020  Arts and Accessibility Project Grant Recipient. Supported by CAC California Arts Council, & NADC, UCLA

2020  Safety Net Fund, Artists Relief Grant Recipient 2020, Sponsored from the California Intersection for the Arts (The Intersection)

2020  San Francisco Arts & Artists Relief Grant Recipient 2020, Awarded by CCI, SFAC, & GFTA

2020  Artist Relief Tree COVID-19 Emergency Grant Recepient 2020               

2019  CERF+ Craft Emergency Relief Fund Get Ready Grant Recipient 2019 

2005  Dean's Award for integrating the arts in teaching language. National University of Art education, Jinju, South Korea

1994  All College Honors Award for excellence. California College of Arts and Crafts (CCAC)

1990-1994 Academic Scholarship. & Pell Grant at The California College of Arts and Crafts (CCAC)